I build teams, organizations and campaigns that have the skills and tools to create a just and equitable world.

I work with organizations and teams to offer equity, diversity and inclusion consulting, develop winning campaigns, and build stronger teams. As a grassroots organizer, my work is grounded in communities on the front-lines of crisis. I offer an approach to campaign and team-building  that is grounded in collective liberation and global solidarity.

Strategic Facilitation

Campaign Development


Hi, I’m Batul!

My pronouns are she/they. I am an experienced campaigner, grassroots organizer and facilitator that has worked with progressive organizations to build winning teams, strategies, and campaigns. I have been active in social movements for the past decade, working to address white supremacy, stop the climate crisis, and champion queer, trans and racialized peoples in the fight for global justice.

I am a first-generation femme settler of colour based in amiskwaciwâskahikan, the homelands and gathering places of the Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Métis, Dene, and Nakota Sioux nations. My family comes from a lineage of Indo-Arab settlers in Eastern Africa on Maasai and Kikuyu territory.  I’m passionate about croissants, long road trips, buying lots of books, and planning impossible hiking trips.

Who I’ve worked with: