Strategic Facilitation

Does your team struggle with clear decision making? Do you need help facilitating team meetings? Is your team moving through conflict? Are you thinking about how power, and systems of oppression impact your team dynamics?

Strategic Planning

As an experienced organizer, I can help you build a long-term strategic plan, design and support your campaigns, and ensure your work has clear objectives and goals that can be measured for success.


I can help facilitate team retreats, board meetings, and other important team meetings. I can also build your team facilitation capacity, and support your team in running efficient, well-facilitated meetings.

Developing and Integrating Anti-Oppressive Policies and Procedures

Are you looking to integrate anti-oppression into the policies and procedures of your organization? I can do a full policy audit of your organization and make tailored recommendations on how you can best integrate anti-oppressive values into your team culture, and the policies and procedures that govern your organization.

I can help. Get in touch.