I offer a variety of workshops that are designed to meet your needs. My current workshop offerings include:

Anti-Racism 101 (1.5 hours)

In this workshop, participants will understand the roots of systemic racism, settler colonialism and anti-Blackness, and begin to unpack how they participate in these systems. They will learn some tools and resources to intervene when others are being racist, and understand how small acts of unintentional bias create the foundations for larger acts of violence.

Addressing Microaggressions (1 hour)

In this workshop, participants will learn about intersectionality, and learn about how sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia and able-ism create interlocking oppressions. They will learn to identify microaggressions and how to address and reframe microaggressions as a bystander to create safe workplaces and communities.

Queer and Trans Justice (1.5 hours)

In this workshop, participants will understand the impacts of homophobia, and transphobia. They will learn and practice using different pronouns, and about the spectrums of gender and sexuality. Participants will learn about how systemic oppression disproportionately impacts queer and trans Indigenous folks, Black folks and folks of colour.

Anti-Oppression 101 (2 hours)

In this workshop, participants will learn about the centre-margin diagram and about how system of oppression such as sexism, racism, ableism, cis-supremacy and white supremacy form interlocking oppressions, and how intersectionality is a framework to understand this. They will use an ecological model to understand how microagressions are the foundation of larger acts of violence such as hate crimes and genocide.

Becoming an Active Ally (2 hours)

This is a followup workshop to Anti-Racism 101 and Anti- Oppression 101. In this workshop, participants will build upon the pyramid of violence to understand how microaggressions create unsafe environments for marginalized communities, and how to safely intervene as a bystander, and build the foundations for active allyship. We will define what an ally means, and how it is an action, not an identity.

Challenging Diversity and Inclusion; Moving past tokenism and toward liberation (3 hours)

This is an advanced follow up workshop to Becoming an Active Ally. In this workshop, we will problematize traditional diversity and inclusion frameworks and discuss how they uphold oppression. We’ll discuss white supremacy in workplaces and organizing spaces, and talk about how shared liberation must be the grounding framework for all of our movements and work.

Investing in QTBIPOC communities; how to build strong QTBIPOC leaders with the skills and resources they need (3 hours)

This is an advanced follow up workshop to Challenging Diversity and Inclusion. In this workshop, we will develop practical tools and policies to support queer and trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour  (QTBIPOC) leaders in your organization or movements, and strategize around how we support them in navigating structural barriers to their success. It’s not enough to highlight or hire QTBIPOC folks, if you’re not going to support their growth and development. This workshop will teach you how to do that.

Intro to Criminalization 101 (1.5 hours)

In this workshop, we will discuss the school to prison pipeline, and the foundations of policing in Canada. We will learn the histories of the RCMP and modern day policing on these lands, and how it disproportionately impacts Black and Indigenous people through surveillance, and criminalization.

Building an Accessible Workplace Culture (1.5 hours)

In this workshop, participants will learn about how to support racialized, disabled, queer and trans colleagues and staff. This is a followup workshop to Anti-Oppression 101 and Anti-Racism 101. We will go through how workplace policies and procedures uphold oppression, and how to begin dismantling these systems to ensure that your employees and organization are set up for success.

Disability Justice 101 (1.5 hours)

In this workshop, participants will learn about the roots of systemic able-ism and how discrimination against disabled folks manifests in workplaces and community spaces. It will discuss the histories of institutional and medical able-ism and provide clear alternatives on how you can best support disabled folks within your organization or collective.

Moving towards a culture of direct conflict; why conflict avoidance upholds oppression (2.5 hours)

Navigating conflict is a necessary part of any organization or collective, but for many of us navigating conflict directly is challenging. In this workshop, we will discuss the different ways that folks respond to conflict, develop tools to address conflict directly, and discuss how conflict avoidance fundamentally upholds the structures of oppression that we seek to dismantle.

Building a Culture of Care (2 hours)

In this workshop, we will discuss how to build an actively anti-oppressive workplaces, and introduce the idea of cultures of care within organization. This is a followup workshop to Anti-Oppression 101, Anti-Racism 101, and Becoming an Active Ally. Batul will provide clear direction on how your organization can implement a culture of care, and review your internal policies and procedures to provide clear direction on where you have opportunities for growth and change in order to implement this.

The Importance of Global Solidarity (1.5 hours)

Global solidarity must be the bedrock of our movements and organization, particularly if you are based in the Global North. In this workshop, we will cover the importance of internationalism, discuss the impacts of global imperialism and directly tie the work you do to global movements around the world.

How to Base-Build, and Develop a Ladder of Engagement (3 hours)

Growing your membership of supporters and providing ways for them to stay engaged is crucial to a successful campaign. In this workshop, we will cover how to engage your supporters, and provide clear pathways for them to take action in order to escalate and grow your campaign.

Personal Narratives; how to tell your story (2 hours)

The heart of every campaign is a story; the story of you, and the story of us. In this workshop, we will talk about how personal stories are how we connect with supporters, and engage them in our work. We’ll go over what a successful personal narrative looks like, develop our own, and practice one-on-ones with each other.

Organizing Works; how to successfully build a campaign plan, a theory of change, and identify your targets. (2 days)

This is an intensive 2-day workshop on how to design a campaign plan, build a clear theory of change, power map your targets, and identify your spectrum of allies. In this workshop, we will go over how to fully flesh out a campaign, plan your tactics, and map out the next 12 months of your campaign.

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All of my workshops are custom-tailored for your audience. Before agreeing to host a workshop, I hold a consultation with you and your team to get a better understanding of your needs, and to ensure that the examples and resources I use are directly applicable to the work you do.

If you would like to request a workshop that isn’t currently available, please get in touch. Let’s design together.